4 things to know about mobile document management

Document management has been a handy tool for many years now, helping companies go paperless, increase efficiency and visibility, produce better reports and enhance their ERP solution. But today, it’s not enough to just be able to automate your AP processes and quickly route invoices. Today’s trend is “mobile,” and mobile document management has now….. Read more »

5 Document Management Resolutions

It’s a new year and the perfect opportunity to make some resolutions. And I’m not just talking about your resolution to be healthier, more fit, more financially savvy, more adventurous, etc. I’m talking about improving your current business processes with document management resolutions. You know what I’m talking about. Those stacks of invoices on your….. Read more »

Simplifying business processes with a paperless office

The paperless conversation has been ongoing for years. For many, the concept of going paperless is exciting, but the process of eliminating paper from the office is daunting. “Is going paperless worth it?” “Will going paperless actually make my job easier?” “Is there really significant ROI associated with pitching our paper?” The simple answer to all….. Read more »

Getting your priorities straight with AP Automation

One of the biggest priorities for accounts payable departments is enhancing document management and leveraging opportunities to go paperless. In fact, according to the Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), 27 percent of businesses plan to deploy an automated capture and workflow system for invoice approval. They also found that 48 percent of businesses are….. Read more »

Case Study: Multiple Locations Lead to Multiple Benefits

What happens when you give a restaurant franchisee a paperless document management/AP automation solution? Incredible efficiency and visibility! Greer Companies operates in multiple locations, with more than 45 restaurants across seven states, as well as a number of hotels and other concepts. The company’s continuous growth left its accounting department hindered by an inefficient, paper-based….. Read more »

4 gnarly reasons why MetaViewer is going to DSLUG 2016

This week, one of our document management experts is heading to San Diego for the Dynamics SL Users Group Conference where MetaViewer will be featured as a Gold Sponsor! We love attending the DSLUG Conference (and are pretty excited that it’s in California so we can use the word “gnarly”) and hope that you’ll join….. Read more »

We Would Walk 500 Miles: Fall 2016 Conferences

Ok, so we’re not walking, we’re totally taking advantage of our frequent flyer miles, but the point is that our travel schedule is PACKED for this fall! Here’s where on the conference circuit you can find the MetaViewer team over the next couple of months. September: Dynamics SL Summit Where: San Diego, CA When: September….. Read more »

See you later, alligator: Eliminating late payments with AP automation

Ready for a scary statistic about invoice processing times? The average invoice processing cycle for organizations that use a paper-based system instead of AP automation is 29.8 days. 29.8 days is almost a full month, and when your invoices need to be paid in 30 days, one snafu could turn your last-minute payment into a….. Read more »