4 gnarly reasons why MetaViewer is going to DSLUG 2016


This week, one of our document management experts is heading to San Diego for the Dynamics SL Users Group Conference where MetaViewer will be featured as a Gold Sponsor! We love attending the DSLUG Conference (and are pretty excited that it’s in California so we can use the word “gnarly”) and hope that you’ll join….. Read more »

We Would Walk 500 Miles: Fall 2016 Conferences


Ok, so we’re not walking, we’re totally taking advantage of our frequent flyer miles, but the point is that our travel schedule is PACKED for this fall! Here’s where on the conference circuit you can find the MetaViewer team over the next couple of months. September: Dynamics SL Summit Where: San Diego, CA When: September….. Read more »

See you later, alligator: Eliminating late payments with AP automation


Ready for a scary statistic about invoice processing times? The average invoice processing cycle for organizations that use a paper-based system instead of AP automation is 29.8 days. 29.8 days is almost a full month, and when your invoices need to be paid in 30 days, one snafu could turn your last-minute payment into a….. Read more »

Next up in Olympic Synchronized Operating: AP Automation and Microsoft Dynamics

synchronized diving

We have some major USA team spirit at the office this week with the start of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio. Walking through the halls of Metafile, you’ll hear random cheers as the women’s gymnastics team sticks a landing, Michael Phelps wins another heat or the US soccer team moves on to the….. Read more »

MetaViewer for Catalina – A new integration

microsoft dynamics gp logo

Here at Metafile, we pride ourselves in our excellent and seamless integrations with Microsoft Dynamics and other ERPs. Our paperless document management solution, MetaViewer, allows users to interact with AP documents through a convenient browser-based interface, making it easy and efficient for employees to be in-the-know about where documents are in the financial process. The….. Read more »

Buy-in from the Boss: Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

worlds best boss

Your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution simplifies business processes, keeps all your important financial documents in one place and is safe and secure. But, as your company has continued to grow you may have discovered that your financial processes could be even more streamlined and efficient with an add-on solution like AP automation/document management software. Unfortunately,….. Read more »

What you may not know about American Independence Day

uncle sam

This weekend, Americans will celebrate their Independence Day. This often includes parades, cookouts, fireworks, parties, and copious amounts of picnic food, friends and family. You likely have traditions to help you celebrate the 4th of July that you’ve embraced since you were a child and have passed on to your children. You’ve taught them that….. Read more »

Paperless Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Character. Diagram.

Efficiency is key to a smooth-running organization, and your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution was one of your first steps in improving efficiency. But did you know that a document management solution that integrates with your GP solution can increase the productivity and efficiency of your team further? Here’s how: Automated workflow. Key word, “automated”: When staff needs to try….. Read more »