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The Big Deal about Big Data

Big data is probably one of those buzz words with as much ambiguity as “the cloud.” While people still wade through the murky waters to determine the specific business value of big data investments, one thing is for sure, big data is a big deal. Almost every industry stands to benefit from the insights big data can provide.

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What Mobile Means for Your Businesses Data Security

Too often we hear reports of businesses falling victim to security breaches and losing sensitive data to vicious viruses resulting in compromised client and customer information. As a result, data security is no longer a responsibility solely placed on the shoulders of the IT department. Many businesses now have a heightened sense of awareness regarding how information is shared both internally and externally. Especially in an “bring your own device” or BYOD era where employees’ personal devices also act as their business device, understanding the implications of malware and malicious hackers is critical.

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