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Flashback Friday: Technology Then and Now

Looking back on the past 60 years, a lot has changed in technology and the ways in which we store information. In 1953, IBM developed the hard disk drive that created a new level in the computer data hierarchy. Hard drives measured 8 or 14 inches in diameter and were typically affixed in standalone equipment that encompassed entire rooms and required high-current AC power due to large motors that were required to spin the large disks. During the past five decades, each generation has replaced and defined the methods we use to archive data. Today, hard drives can now hold the capacity of terabits and data can be stored in the cloud.

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Tech Tips for a Happy eChristmas

The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about your server crashing at work. This week, we’d like to share a recent article from Real Business with “Tech tips for a happy eChristmas.”

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