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2016 AP Predictions: Prediction 3 – Document Management for the Win

Organizations that are choosing to put an emphasis on efficiency and paper elimination in 2016 will likely jump on the automation bandwagon and implement document management with their current Microsoft Dynamics or other ERP solution. We believe that in 2016, transitioning paper-based processes to automated ones will be on the forefront of many C-Suite executives’ minds.

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2016 AP Predictions: Prediction 2 – The Cloud Will Rule

These days, everything is in the cloud. Your music, photos, contacts, even your famous family recipes can be stored in the ambiguous-sounding cloud. It’s a comfort knowing that cloud storage is virtually unlimited and often more secure than storing information on your computer’s hard drive or company server. With that in mind, our prediction is that we will see more people adopting cloud-based AP automation instead of installed or on-premise systems.

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2016 AP Predictions: Prediction 1 – A Push Toward Paperless

As 2016 approaches, we have begun making our predictions for the accounts payable trends to come next year. For the next few weeks we will be posting our predictions on the MetaBlog, and we hope that you will contribute with your own predictions in the comments below.

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