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Things you can do instead of manual data entry

Today is Friday, which means that you've survived another week of work and are likely gearing up for a (hopefully) relaxing weekend. When your week is wrapping up, you may find yourself looking back at your productivity and analyzing your to-do list wondering where you lost time, how many hours you spent on tedious tasks and how you could have gotten even more done. Or you're just thinking about that movie that's been sitting in your Netflix queue since Monday.

Either way, since it's not the weekend quite yet, let's examine the week and consider all the things you could have done instead of manual data entry.

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Coming up next: Gartner's 2018 Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends

Gartner recently revealed their 2018 Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends and, we don't know about you, but we're pretty excited about the trends that will be revealing themselves in the near future, as well as the trends that will become even more prominent in 2018. And what's even more exciting is that MetaViewer is on the cusp of many of these trends.

Here's what's coming up, ready or not!

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