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3 benefits of document management and the stats to back them

Here at Metafile, we talk a lot about how a paperless automation solution can benefit your enterprise. But we also know that, when it comes to convincing your staff and executives that it’s worth the investment, you need the numbers. So we’ve laid out the perks of a paperless solution, complete with some of the hard numbers that are sure to motivate your team to take the paperless plunge.

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Robotic Process Automation: Manufacturers, this one's for you

The field of manufacturing is fast-paced and constantly in flux. Data is streaming in, and managing that data takes a lot of paper and even more money. But when you are trying to manage that data physically, it’s possible that you’re missing out on crucial business information that could help your organization manage business procedures more efficiently and more strategically. Pressures to increase production levels, reduce costs, make better use of information regarding physical assets and facilities, and maximize the effectiveness of the supply-chain present ongoing challenges within the manufacturing industry. Today’s manufacturers definitely have their hands full.

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