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Here’s your sign: It’s time to go paperless!

You’ve been entering data manually into your company’s AP system for years. Never mind that it is clunky, paper-based, inefficient and wrought with data entry errors, it’s your system and you’ll use it if you want to!

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6 Ways Document Management Gives You a Competitive Edge

We’re not going to beat around the bush – investing in new technology, especially something like business process automation software, is expensive. It’s a long-term investment with a scary price tag that likely gets your blood pressure up just a little bit. We get it. We know that we can explain the benefits over and over again, but that doesn’t make the decision to purchase paperless automation any less stressful. But what if we also tell you that your document management investment can also give you a competitive edge in the market?

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6 Best practices for a more efficient AP department

Efficiency is the name of the game and, as providers of business process automation software, we're all about helping companies streamline processes and enhance their efficiency. With new and emerging technology, it's incredibly easy to enjoy instant gratification. From getting groceries delivered directly to your door in a matter of hours to booking an Uber from just about anywhere, things that used to be a total hassle are now simplified. Including accounts payable procedures.

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