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A lesson in automation: Document Management for education

Schools, especially higher education institutions are tasked with a variety of challenges, from driving recruitment to managing secure student and employee information, maintaining and driving funding, and developing stronger programs for students and staff. If there’s any industry that handles a lot of paperwork, it’s education. Schools, universities, colleges and other education organizations manage HR forms, student records, state education compliance documents, and class/curriculum forms. And because this information is primarily stored on paper, the processes to manage it is typically manual, inefficient, inaccurate and ineffective.

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13 questions and considerations to keep in mind before purchasing a document management solution, according to Yoda

“It’s so easy to pick out a document management solution that perfectly fits the need of my organization. I don’t feel stressed at all!” said no one, ever.

The search for the perfect document management solution is stressful. And if you’re unfamiliar with terms like ECM, RPA, ERP and OCR, shopping for document management is like trying to watch your first "Star Wars" movie. Two hours in you find yourself lost, confused and unable to remember the difference between a stormtrooper and a clone trooper.

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