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2021 Tech Trends Predictions

As 2020 comes to a close (finally) we turned to other tech experts to see what they are anticipating will be trending in the industry in the coming year. And with more people than ever working from home – a trend that we are not expecting to end anytime soon – companies are upping their technology game and tech companies are expanding their offerings and enhancing their functionality in record time.  

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Breaking News: MetaViewer Partners with OnPay Solutions to Provide Procurement-to-Payment Automation

We are excited to announce that we have entered into a partnership with payment automation provider OnPay Solutions to develop Invoice-Through-Pay automation. This partnership provides full-scale, procurement-to-payment automation for accounts payable departments, driving efficiency and streamlining processes from start to finish.

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Breaking Down the “Big Picture”: Workflow Automation from Procurement to Payment

Here at MetaViewer from Metafile, we talk a lot about the “Big Picture.” The all-inclusive, all-encompassing, procurement-to-payment solution that provides full visibility from purchase order to payment and back again. Heck, we even made a diagram about it.

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