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The Future of RPA

It may feel like we’re already at the pinnacle of technological development, what with artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, but we’re really only at the beginning when it comes to robotic process automation (RPA)!

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Document Management and the Remote Workforce

Today’s workforce is more nomadic than ever. Employees are working from home offices, coffee shops, airplanes and hotels, and it’s because modern technology is allowing them to access information and communicate with their teams from anywhere, anytime.

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Have no fear, automation is here... But not for your job

The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation often evokes a range of feelings, from excitement to fear. For many, automation seems like a distant pipe dream. But many others are already in the middle of converting many of their tasks from manual to automated.

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Becoming Best-in-Class: 5 strategies for a more effective AP department

There’s no getting around it, your company’s AP department is vitally important to the success of the organization. Without quick (and accurate) payment processing to vendors and service providers, your organization loses credibility, money and a competitive edge. There is little that organizations dislike more than late or missing payments!

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Automation and the C-Suite: CEOs, what’s in it for you?

When it comes to adopting automation, all of you AP managers and IT directors are probably jumping and cheering thinking about the benefits that RPA will have on your department. But, if you’re a CEO reading this, you may still be wondering what the benefits are for you and the rest of the C-Suite. After all, an investment this substantial should improve your workday, too, right?

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5 Steps to Prepare for Automation

Implementing a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution isn’t like introducing a new copier to the office. It takes extensive planning, research, buy-in and dedication to handling your business processes in a new, innovative way. Because of this, you want to make sure that you and your team are adequately prepared before any sort of implementation takes place.

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RPA vs. BPM: What's the Difference?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) sounds straightforward and all-encompassing. Right? But what about Business Process Management (BPM)? They’re the same… Right? Not quite. While they sound similar, embrace automation and provide very similar benefits, the two terms are actually quite different. Here's how:

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A lesson in automation: Document Management for education

Schools, especially higher education institutions are tasked with a variety of challenges, from driving recruitment to managing secure student and employee information, maintaining and driving funding, and developing stronger programs for students and staff. If there’s any industry that handles a lot of paperwork, it’s education. Schools, universities, colleges and other education organizations manage HR forms, student records, state education compliance documents, and class/curriculum forms. And because this information is primarily stored on paper, the processes to manage it is typically manual, inefficient, inaccurate and ineffective.

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13 questions and considerations to keep in mind before purchasing a document management solution, according to Yoda

“It’s so easy to pick out a document management solution that perfectly fits the need of my organization. I don’t feel stressed at all!” said no one, ever.

The search for the perfect document management solution is stressful. And if you’re unfamiliar with terms like ECM, RPA, ERP and OCR, shopping for document management is like trying to watch your first "Star Wars" movie. Two hours in you find yourself lost, confused and unable to remember the difference between a stormtrooper and a clone trooper.

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Here’s your sign: It’s time to go paperless!

You’ve been entering data manually into your company’s AP system for years. Never mind that it is clunky, paper-based, inefficient and wrought with data entry errors, it’s your system and you’ll use it if you want to!

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