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Recap: Convergence 2013

Whew! Last week, the Metafile team attended Convergence, Microsoft’s big annual conference for Dynamics customers and partners. What a whirlwind!

Microsoft customers and partners like Metafile come to Convergence from all corners of the globe to experience all that the event has to offer. Loaded with a wealth of informative sessions and other creative ways to learn, Convergence provides great opportunity to get a first look at new product releases and hear about future plans for their software, helping customers and partners think of ways to integrate and innovate their products with the Dynamics suite.

On the second day of the conference, Microsoft’s Business Solutions President Kirill Tatarinov’s keynote addressed how business leaders can reimagine the way they engage with customers, build brand relevance and collaborate with employees to stay ahead of the changing roles across all levels in business. Tatarinov noted that Microsoft Dynamics is uniquely positioned to serve as a catalyst for unity, and he announced new advancements in integrated marketing, embedded social capabilities, and new cloud and mobile scenarios enabled through Microsoft Dynamics solutions that will help businesses unite with their customers, unite their organizations, and unite their people and technology.

Our “Pro to Know” award winner Doug Bertram also presented on MetaViewer and its ability to integrate with Microsoft’s ERP solutions. On top of all of the insights learned, the time we spent with our customers and partners was invaluable. We truly appreciate each and every relationship and understand that our success is because of them. Coming off another Convergence, Metafile is energized for the next year and ready for all of the exciting updates to come.

Were you at Convergence this year? Tell us about your experience!

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