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Tweet! Tweet! Twitter Handles to Keep You in the Know

As busy professionals, finding the time to read the latest industry news and happenings can fall pretty low on the daily “to-do” list. Between team meetings, calls and everyday responsibilities, it seems our busy schedules as business professionals prevent us from keeping up to date. Some people look to RSS feeds and email subscriptions as a means to stay updated, while others dedicate a few moments every morning to peruse the headlines of major websites and blogs.

Thankfully, social media sites like Twitter help busy professionals easily filter and read headlines in a snap. Many of the leading news publications and journals frequently update their feeds with the latest stories and only include the pertinent information to meet the 140 character tweet limitations. Let’s face it, when we are short on time, 140 characters are a perfect way to quickly digest pertinent information.

With that in mind, we have compiled a few of our favorite Twitter handles that are great resources for those in the ERP and Microsoft Dynamics space:

@MSFTDynamicsERP – This handle is ideal for those interested in the news and information related to Microsoft Dynamics. The official handle for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, the account is managed by Microsoft team members dedicated to keeping their fingers on the pulse of all things related to Microsoft Dynamics from new releases to events and product updates.

@erpsoftwareblog – The ERP Software blog includes various editorial insights from ERP and accounting professionals from across the nation. The editorial team regularly provides updates that include new stories from the blog and vendor case studies.

@erpandmore – This thread provides a great mix of implementation success stories and resources for individuals interested in software evaluation.

@msdynamicsworld – In addition to contributing to the MSDynamicsWorld site, our team likes to stay updated on other industry insights and news from this independent leader in the Dynamics space.

@MSDynamicsWins – Another great Microsoft owned handle, this thread shares news on solutions and customer stories that are always a great inspiration to remain creative and innovative in implementation.

@MetaViewer – Last, but certainly not least, our own MetaViewer handle! We publish stories from a host of sites and enjoy live tweeting from industry events and conferences. Readers can find the latest MetaBlog entries and news stories that include insights from the Metafile team.

Do you have a favorite ERP or Microsoft Dynamics Twitter handle? Would you like for our team to check yours out? Feel free to leave the handle name in the comments section below.

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