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2016 AP Predictions: Prediction 2 – The Cloud Will Rule

These days, everything is in the cloud. Your music, photos, contacts, even your famous family recipes can be stored in the ambiguous-sounding cloud. It’s a comfort knowing that cloud storage is virtually unlimited and often more secure than storing information on your computer’s hard drive or company server. With that in mind, our prediction is that we will see more people adopting cloud-based AP automation instead of installed or on-premise systems.

Many people prefer the cloud, and there are a host of reasons why it’s growing in popularity. For one, it’s considerably less expensive than on-premise data storage. When you utilize the cloud, full-time IT services are not needed. Also, because the cloud is out in cyberspace, there’s no need to pay additional costs for hardware.

Second, cloud storage is extremely flexible and scalable. You choose how much you want to spend or how much storage your company needs. It’s simple to adjust storage space because there is no hardware requirement. As your company grows, your cloud storage can grow along with it. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any of those annoying software upgrades – the cloud is always up-to-date.

Third, work hours and locations are becoming considerably more flexible. More people are working from home offices and accessing business information from a variety of different devices. With the cloud, you can access data from anywhere and from any device. Your employees need to be plugged in, and the cloud makes that possible.

Lastly, sources have confirmed that malware and botnet attacks are far less common in the cloud than in on-premise environments. There’s always a security risk with any data storage entity, but measures can be put into place at your organization to make sure that all users are accessing the cloud responsibly. Cloud providers put more strategic security measures into place than your company may be able to provide, making the cloud the more recommended and secure option.

Is your company planning to transition to the cloud in 2016? What are some of the reasons you’re switching? Or, if you’re already in the cloud, what is your favorite benefit of cloud-computing?

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