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2016 AP Predictions: Prediction 3 – Document Management for the Win

Organizations that are choosing to put an emphasis on efficiency and paper elimination in 2016 will likely jump on the automation bandwagon and implement document management with their current Microsoft Dynamics or other ERP solution. We believe that in 2016, transitioning paper-based processes to automated ones will be on the forefront of many C-Suite executives’ minds.

In fact, according to research presented by the Association for Information and Imaging Management (AIIM), “Around half of organisations (49%) are decreasing their paper consumption.”

More and more companies are dedicating time, energy and funds toward decreasing or eliminating paper usage and storage at the office. Because of this, we are expecting to see a large influx in document management adoption in the coming year. AIIM’s research also found that more than half of survey respondents said that they are committed to a digital transformation.

Bob Larrivee, the vice president of market intelligence at AIIM believes that organizations should also dedicate 2016 to multidimensional thinking of their organization, according to his article “Multidimensional Thinking for 2016: Look at the Whole.”

“Multidimensional thinking means taking a step back and taking a holistic view of your organization. It means looking at organizational processes, various content types and elements like mobile access and social media.”

If executives are examining their organization as one living, breathing organism, they are likely to see where business processes are lacking in efficiency, where they are losing money and where ROI could be increased. Larrivee encourages executives to try and find areas of business that can be done digitally. If businesses do this, then we think that they’ll turn to document management and find that their entire organization could be enhanced with greater efficiency, cost management and paper elimination.

Which areas of your business could be improved in 2016 if you embraced document management?

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