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2018 Tech Trend Predictions

pexels-photo-355988.jpgLast week, Huffington Post released their 2018 tech trend predictions. HuffPost editors asked industry leaders what they think is coming up in the new year in the way of technology trends and developments.

Among those interviewed were Mona DeFrawi, CEO & Founder of Radivision; Michelle Ufford, Manager, Data Engineering Innovation of Netflix; Lily Chang, Vice President, Strategic Transformation, JV of VMware; Sudha Mahajan, Director of Product Management of eBay; Michelle Bonat, CEO of Data Simply; Kelly Abuelsaad, Software Engineer of the Watson Cloud Platform at IBM; Dory Weiss, VP of Engineering at nCino; Brittani Smalls, Accounting and Compliance Manager at Women Who Code; Lauren Schulte, CEO & Founder at The FLEX Company.

Ready to see what the experts think is coming up in the world of tech in 2018? Here you go!

  • The growth and maturity of "big data," especially in the realm of AI, virtual reality and machine learning
  • Everything will be in the cloud. From automation to AI and the IoT, it has become increasingly more important for platforms to be supported on the cloud.
  • The connected internet will continue to explode.
  • AI, AI and more AI! It is moving away from chat-bots and toward more intelligent conversations that streamline tasks and complement human thinking.
  • Women will continue to dominate the tech industry.
  • Assistive technology will become more affordable and readily available.

We want to know what your tech predictions are for 2018, so share them in the comments below!

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