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Paperless Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

microsoft dynamics gp logoEfficiency is key to a smooth-running organization, and your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution was one of your first steps in improving efficiency. But did you know that a document management solution that integrates with your GP solution can increase the productivity and efficiency of your team further? Here's how:

Automated workflow. Key word, "automated": When staff needs to try to remember which department to hand-deliver documents to and how/where they need to be filed or indexed, it often means that they will be wasting several hours every week. Automated workflow with document management auto classifies, identifies and extracts data from those documents. It can also facilitate checks with your ERP system to make sure data is accurate.

Elimination of all that tedious manual data entry: Manual data entry is time consuming, inaccurate and very, VERY boring. A document management solution captures invoices and other documents, both in electronic and paper format, with that awesome automated workflow we talked about and extracts information automatically. This means that you don’t have to spend hours of your valuable work time setting up vendor profiles and entering information by-hand.

Real-time visibility: Bosses are busy people and don’t have the time to create and print tons of spreadsheets and reports. A document management system saves time by providing real-time visibility into financial processes by providing a view of the entire AP process through dashboards and charts (and they're usually pretty colorful, too!).

No more typos: A paperless document management solution helps you cut down on errors, often caused by typos from manual data entry, that can lead to unnecessary financial losses. Records are stored on a secure network, meticulously organized and are stored in plain text so you don’t have to read somebody’s chicken scratch. This helps eliminate errors caused by misreading poor handwriting.

A buddy for your GP solution: You’ve already made a large investment in a Microsoft Dynamics GP solution, and adding an AP automation solution further enhances your investment by updating the Microsoft Dynamics GP database with invoice line-item details and correct GL coding information. The integration is easy and seamless so all that hard-earned information and data is available and accurate.

Want to learn more about a paperless document management solution to integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics GP or other ERP solution? Visit: http://www.metaviewer.com/for-microsoft-dynamics

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