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Adopting new technology? What you need to know.

When a company decides to adopt a new technology such as Paperless ERP, it can be a very thrilling endeavor. Excitement about new technology has a way of spreading through a business like wildfire, especially for the end users who stand to experience greater efficiency and productivity. As CIOs and business decision-makers consider what solutions are best for their companies' needs, there are a few steps that leadership should keep in mind before they sign on the dotted line:

  • Identify your company's unique pain points. Your business may have pain points that are specific to your clients and the services you provide for them. Often, finding this information can be as simple as having an in-depth conversation with financial administrators and other end users. Solutions that provide open architecture much like MetaViewer's allow end users to interact with their ERP solution in a way that resolves pain points and provides an experience that is targeted to their needs.
  • Consider a solution that will drive the bottom line. Hosting an ERP solution through the cloud provides many great benefits. Staff can process invoices from anywhere and at any time, and with automation the use of paper becomes significantly decreased. The Garner Group has estimated that an invoice, when handled manually, is usually copied 11 times before being processed for approval. But with cloud-based Paperless ERP, an invoice can be scanned one time and live in the cloud to reduce cost while still offering increased visibility. Reduced cost from hosting an on-premise solution paired with the reduced cost of paper equals greater savings at the end of the month.
  • Ensure legacy security and data compliances can integrate with new solution. This can avoid end user issues once adoption is complete. Cloud ERP must provide physical security, transmission security, storage security, access security, data security and application security. Data security is vital, especially when integrating a new solution with a legacy system to ensure a smooth transition. For more in-depth insights on data security, we recommend reading the full article.

What considerations do you think are essential when adopting new technology? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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