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AP Automation a reality for insurance company

ark BCBS logoThe Company: Founded in 1948 in the wake of World War II, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is a not-for-profit, Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and the largest health insurance provider in Arkansas.

The Problems: Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield was using a document management solution that did not communicate with the company’s accounts payable system, as well as nine separate databases. Invoices could not be sorted and information had to be manually keyed into each individual system. In addition, reports could not be run directly from their previous document management solution, and it also didn’t allow for sorting of invoices by due date, causing little visibility into invoice processing.

The Solution(s): Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield took the first steps toward combating their AP inefficiencies by implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP as their new financial system. To make their AP processes even more efficient, they decided on MetaViewer as their new document management solution. MetaViewer also merged perfectly with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s new Multi-Entity Management system, a solution that manages multiple separate legal entities through one centralized GP database and the third member of the financial management team.

The Results: The AP team at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield was able to simplify many of their processes. The new system talks with the other financial systems in place and produces much more accurate reports and analytics.  MetaViewer has also given them the confidence of knowing that they are paying invoices on time by pulling in term dates from the invoices.

And the AP employees weren’t the only ones who benefited from the new document management solution. Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield customers are able to receive better information from the AP staff.


A team that can work together seamlessly is what makes a company great, and the team of MetaViewer, Binary Stream and Microsoft Dynamics GP have taken Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield accounts payable to new levels of efficiency.

Topics: AP Automation, Paperless ERP, Document Management, Microsoft Dynamics