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5 AP Automation Best Practices

So, you know it’s well past time for your company to go 100% paperless. But as with anything new, there is a learning curve and work flows will evolve over time. To ensure success, everyone has to be on board and everyone has to be on the same page (electronic of course). While time and communication will be the foundation to a smooth transition, here are 5 simple steps to get you on the Fast Track:

  1. AP Capture- This person (perhaps your front desk employee) is responsible for confirming & capturing the document (let’s say invoice). You want a solution that has OCR (optical character recognition) to ensure you are capturing the correct information. After the initial set up and entry of unique invoices, you can then completely eliminate the need for manual data entry.
  2. GL Coding– Now the invoice has been submitted and needs to be assigned to the appropriate account. Verification occurs. MetaViewer integrates seamlessly into your Dynamics ERP system allowing you to update your GL codes in your ERP system and automatically update in both systems.
  3. Approval– Now that the invoice has been submitted and coded, it must be approved by management and/or department. Confirming the amount is correct, goods were received or services rendered.
  4. Escalation– In certain situations, higher approval may be necessary if the amount is over a certain limit or upper management needs to approve certain departmental transactions.
  5. Final Verify– Accounting will check list all the steps; is the amount correct, is document coded correctly? All appropriate approvals included? If the answer is yes, the invoice will be pushed to your ERP system for posting and payment.

Haven’t gone 100% paperless yet? As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Metafile can help you with our MetaViewer Fast Track solution. MetaViewer integrates seamlessly within the Microsoft ecosystem (GP, AX, SL & NAV). Stop losing money and wasting time and enter the new world of paperless today.

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