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PayPal taking steps to go paperless

Imagine a day when you visit a retail store and there is not a cash register in sight. Global e-commerce company PayPal, a major contender in the mobile retail space, is working to make this a reality.

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Recommended Reading: Metafile in the News

As recently mentioned in another MetaBlog post, we like to keep up on industry news and happenings. Occasionally, a few members of the Metafile team also contribute our knowledge to leading outlets and resources within the industry.

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Tweet! Tweet! Twitter Handles to Keep You in the Know

As busy professionals, finding the time to read the latest industry news and happenings can fall pretty low on the daily “to-do” list. Between team meetings, calls and everyday responsibilities, it seems our busy schedules as business professionals prevent us from keeping up to date. Some people look to RSS feeds and email subscriptions as a means to stay updated, while others dedicate a few moments every morning to peruse the headlines of major websites and blogs.

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