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GPUG Summit and a hint of honkytonk

MetaViewer team members are brushing up on their two-step because on Oct. 10 they’re heading to Nashville for GPUG Summit 2017!

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Board up your data: Preparing for disaster

Our hearts continue to go out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Many of our customers and partners have been experiencing the wrath of these natural disasters, and all of us at Metafile offer our continued thoughts and support.

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Cigar City Meets SL: DSLUG Fall Conference 2017

The leaves are starting to change here in Minnesota (yes, we're in mourning), so the MetaViewer team is packing up and heading south to Tampa for the 10th annual DSLUG Fall Conference. And not only will we be there to network, educate and do some of our own learning (even we don't know everything about Microsoft Dynamics!), this year we are proud to be a Gold Sponsor!

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