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4 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Document Management

These days document management is getting an even bigger boost with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) functionality. That’s right, as if document management wasn’t already smart enough, it now has the ability to be an even greater asset to corporations.

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6 Accounts Payable Technology Priorities for 2022

The New Year is looming, and whether you have high hopes for 2022 or are mentally prepared for it to be “2020, too,” we are still here to help you prepare yourself and your team for what’s to come in 2022.

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3 Ways to Streamline an Audit with Robotic Process Automation

Is it possible to go through an audit without your finance teams pulling out their hair? Believe it or not, it is! The idea that your organization could be audited is one of the most terrifying parts of tax season. However, implementing RPA technology, like the technology built into MetaViewer Paperless Automation, can help ease the worry and the pain that comes with tax audits.

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All I Want for Christmas is ROI

Are you dreaming of substantial ROI from your AP automation solution this holiday season? We can’t put a bow on it, but we can show you some areas where your organization will see some serious savings when you implement MetaViewer Paperless Automation, whether you’re on Santa’s nice list or naughty list.

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What to Watch For: 2022 Automation Trends

And just when you thought that automation couldn’t get any more advanced, we’re here to tell you that it can, and it will! We’re looking ahead to 2022 and what’s coming up in the world of automation technology, what developers are prioritizing and how it will be used.

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Expanding Automation: RPA for Accounts Receivable

From order to cash, Paperless AR provides you and your accounts receivable team full visibility to all documents.

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Triumphing with Tech in the Age of COVID: Part 2

So, we have learned how technology adoption has benefited today’s top AP departments, but what are some strategies that every AP department can adopt in order to succeed in what the Ardent Partners team (and many others) has termed the “New Normal” work environment? Ardent Partners highlighted nine specific tactics:

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4 Ways RPA Paves the Way for Innovation

It’s no secret that we love robotic process automation (RPA) here at Metafile. Why? Because we have implemented RPA technology into our MetaViewer solution to help our customers make their processes more efficient and accurate across the enterprise, from AP to AR and beyond.

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We’re Back! Summit NA 2021

Folks, it’s been a long year (and then some), but we are excited to be returning to the expo hall at this year’s Summit NA event happening IN PERSON in Houston on October 12-15. Not only are we excited to see all of you, but we’re also stoked to be back as a Premier Sponsor to showcase all of the functionality that we’ve been developing and honing.

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Triumphing with Tech in the Age of COVID: Part 1

The COVID-19 pandemic proved the resiliency of people, the benefits of technology, and how a lack of technology adoption inhibits organizations, specifically AP. For companies that had not adopted accounts payable automation technology prior to the pandemic, they were definitely feeling the effects of it in the midst of it, with many caught trying to maintain business operations and provide a safe work environment for employees without the assistance of automation. According to Ardent Partners in their “The State of ePayables 2021: Operating in the New Normal” report, “The lack of core AP automation in 2020 contributed to businesses forcing AP staffers to trek into offices during the most dangerous moments of the COVID-19 pandemic.” The good news is that this encouraged many organizations to finally jump on the automation bandwagon and invest in ePayables solutions.

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