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How to Avoid Common Network Failures

Network failures can be costly, not just in terms of immediate productivity but in the loss of revenue down the road in lasting consumer mistrust. A new article, “How to Avoid Common Network Failures”, from Baseline Magazine says businesses should ask themselves not whether their network is going to fail but when. It says being proactive in preventing a network failure to begin with is the best way to head off problems and provides recommendations on how businesses can keep their networks strong and secure.

Their recommendations include:

  • Have a Security Policy in Place: Assess any prospective risks ahead of time and have a team in place ready to tackle any problems.
  • Use Proactive Network Management: Take advantage of available tools that provide better network visibility and control. Use the “FCAPS” acronym to focus on critical network areas: fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance management, and security management.
  • Review new and emerging technologies: Keep up-to-date on new technologies and analyze what might work better for your company. Prototypes or pilots are great ways to test new options with low risk.
  • Network guidelines: Avoid common problems by: updating your existing security policy, involving all relevant members of your organization in your security policy, proactively train on all elements of your security policy, divide network management into the FCAPS areas, take inventory of network management tools and analyze shortcomings, train employees to seek out new and emerging technologies, and invest in training for all levels of IT staff.

You can find the complete article here.

What are your suggestions for preventing network failure? Please share your thoughts with us at mvrnews@metafile.com!

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