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Board up your data: Preparing for disaster

Our hearts continue to go out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Many of our customers and partners have been experiencing the wrath of these natural disasters, and all of us at Metafile offer our continued thoughts and support.

In the past, we've discussed making sure your data is safe in the wake of natural disasters with document management. We've often found ourselves saying, "That will never happen to me!" However, the recent string of natural disasters prove otherwise, and that it's important to always be prepared. That said, we think it's time to reiterate our advice for safeguarding your important data and documents and how document management technology can help you do so.

  1. Put together a backup plan: Many organizations still manage their business processes on paper, which often means that they don’t have an information backup plan to get their business back up and running after a disaster occurs. By storing your information in a secure document management system, you can make sure to establish a backup plan to recover your data because data is backed up on a daily basis. The best part of this backup plan? After it's established, you don't have to touch it! As a result, you never need to worry about losing your information or forgetting to manually back up your files.
  2. Get rid of that paper: Paper is both insecure and easy to destroy (and definitely not flame-retardant), and that’s not the kind of medium you want your important information on. Whether it’s a natural phenomenon or a data breach, disaster recovery is far less likely without a secure, electronic system to keep information safeguarded so, when you’re ready to get back up and running, your information is waiting for you. You can rest easy that, even if you have to evacuate, your data will be available to you wherever you are and easily recovered when you're back at the office.
  3. Automate your workflow: Does your “workflow” comprise of hand-delivering papers to colleagues around the office? Where are electronic documents stored within your network? Paper-based and inconsistent workflow opens you up to data breaches and fraud, both internal and external. Automation assures that your processes are running smoothly and that the information is protected so that you can feel like you’re back in the swing of things. Your processes and procedures can continue as usual.

Our thoughts continue to go out to all those affected by the recent natural disasters, and we would also like to encourage you to reach out to our document management experts here at Metafile if you have any questions about how to safeguard or recover your data.


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