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The C-Suite in Perfect Harmony… with IT

As new technologies emerge, various roles within the C-Suite will have differing priorities when it comes to new solutions that will benefit the business: CIOs want to improve internal efficiencies and help employees more effectively do their job; CMOs wish to drive sales and effectively market to their constituents; CFOs want to achieve efficient cash flow and invest in solutions that will bring a significant ROI.

While these differing priorities may seem complicated, strategic involvement of the IT department can help unify all of the C-Suite’s goals. According to a recent PricewaterHouseCoopers report, executive teams which collaborate the most across the board room and include IT are four times more likely to be top performers.

Why is that the case? Companies that combine their business and IT strategies better than their competitors are able to adapt more quickly to meet market changes. Additionally, IT projects were more likely to be on time, on budget and within the initial scope. Because technology is an amplifier of business performance, executives who integrate things like social into the business strategy are able to build a superior and sustainable edge over their competitors.

At Metafile, we understand the importance of encouraging collaboration between the C-Suite and IT to drive success and growth. Businesses that are strong collaborators with IT are often quicker to deploy new products and more responsive to customers and to the market. Furthermore, a solid understanding of IT allows strong collaborators to be better at knowing tech-related issues like basic infrastructure, but also understand how to turn key data into real, actionable insights.

How well does your C-Suite collaborate with your IT department? Let us know in the comments section!

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