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Case Study: Multiple Locations Lead to Multiple Benefits

gc-logo_871_all-1200-dpiWhat happens when you give a restaurant franchisee a paperless document management/AP automation solution? Incredible efficiency and visibility!

Greer Companies operates in multiple locations, with more than 45 restaurants across seven states, as well as a number of hotels and other concepts. The company’s continuous growth left its accounting department hindered by an inefficient, paper-based accounts payable process that consisted of restaurant managers collecting all invoices and putting them in UPS envelopes to send out every Monday morning. Shipping invoices weekly was expensive and the accounts payable staff found themselves rushed every week when the UPS packages came in.

Greer Companies decided to implement MetaViewer, a paperless document management solution, because of its customization capability and flexibility. The flexibility came into play because Greer Companies required additional, customized MetaViewer functionality to meet their business needs, including a site grid. This allowed corporate to assign each restaurant a location number to correspond with a GL code, and to assign users access rights to a specific restaurant, making managing multiple locations much easier and more efficient.

MetaViewer has streamlined Greer’s accounting process as managers no longer have to make copies or ship invoices, saving them time and money. It has also made restaurant managers more accountable for processing the invoices. Rather than sending out piles of un-reviewed invoices, managers now have to be more responsible for what they’re purchasing. Now, the invoice shows up in MetaViewer once it is paid and managers can see when it was paid and what the check number was.

Everyone at Greer who deals with invoices has experienced the benefits of paperless document management because everyone has direct access to be able to look at an invoice, and the seamless integration with their Microsoft Dynamics GP solution makes it even easier. The flexibility of MetaViewer and the responsiveness of the MetaViewer team made getting the system in place easy.

Many companies operating in multiple locations find it intimidating and nearly impossible to automate their AP processes. But with a paperless document management system like MetaViewer that integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, paper-based invoicing processes can be a thing of the past.

Topics: AP Automation, Paperless ERP, Document Management