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Data Migration and your new ERP Solution

Are you considering an upgrade to a new ERP solution? One area that can throw a curve into your project is data migration into your new system. This can heavily affect both budget and timeline.

The assumption that you can simply transfer all existing data from your old system to your new system easily is not necessarily true. Data migration includes all the steps required to cleanse, correct and move data into your new system. Historical transactions in particular can be difficult, costly and time consuming to migrate.

Data Migration

Quickly you may see your project push past your allocated budget and your timeline stretch into months. You may need to consider what to migrate, what to leave behind, be O.K. with less-than-perfect data and perhaps scrub and test the data yourself.

Many companies bristle at the above, so they opt to continue with their current system to house historical data while simultaneously implementing their new system. Not only is this cost prohibitive, but your employees are required to maintain their knowledge of the old system AND the new system.

So what’s a company to do? Consider how effective the right Paperless ERP solution can be. One that is quicker, cost justified and provides fringe benefits.

MetaViewer, Metafile’s document management solution can complete a data migration that eliminates keeping both ERP’s systems active. Migrate what you need directly into MetaViewer. You can keep the “old stuff” you need; archived and easily accessible.

A successful project depends on many moving parts, including a successful data migration. Having a plan from the start will reduce your anxiety.

You can learn more about MetaViewer and how it can help you move into a paperless world.

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