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Document Management for AR


One of the greatest benefits of a document management system is its potential to scale to fit other departments within your organization. While typically utilized by accounts payable, document management is also a great tool for the accounts receivable department.

Workflow automation provides your accounts receivable team with full visibility to all documents including purchase orders, invoices, proofs of delivery and payments, both internal and external.

Some systems give your customers access to a customer portal, allowing you to deliver invoices to them electronically via email. This eliminates the cost of postage, automates the invoicing process and improves customer service so staff can focus on more important tasks rather than searching for documents. You and your customers alike can submit and exchange transaction documents electronically, system-to-system without scanning, rekeying or relying on OCR to read the imaged document.

Here’s some of the functionality that you can take advantage of with Paperless AR:

  • Order Processing: Take advantage of aspects of order processing including electronic order capture, workflow and ERP integration. Electronic order capture allows customers to send orders through a customer self-service portal, or for your AR team to dedicate a workflow to automatically monitor an email box to identify and process orders that are submitted via email. Document management also has automated workflow capabilities, so your accounts receivable team can route orders to the appropriate place based on criteria that you establish. A great document management solution will also integrate seamlessly with your ERP solution, like Microsoft Dynamics or NetSuite.
  • E-Invoicing: Distributing paper invoices is expensive. In fact, Aberdeen Group research states that it can cost between two and five dollars each for each invoice. How many invoices does your organization process and send out on a monthly basis? It all adds up. E-invoicing allows invoices to be electronically sent, eliminating the traditional paper-based invoicing process. This is more secure, efficient, cost-effective and accurate for both you and your customers.
  • Proof of Delivery: Your customer service team no longer needs to spend their time searching for proof-of-delivery documents and can focus on what they do best – providing top-notch customer service. The traditional approach to proof-of-delivery depends largely on basic imaging technology. Some document management systems provide the user with full-text print capture technology. Proof-of-delivery documents that are captured as an electronic document are read and indexed, meaning they are fully searchable. In addition, a single query can locate a scanned customer purchase order, the related invoice, proof-of-delivery documents and related correspondence and email documents. The documents can be emailed directly from the system, and any customer disputes can be resolved quickly, easing accounts receivable problems and improving customer service.

Whether you’ve already implemented document management into your accounts payable department and are looking to expand its use, or you’re just starting the search, we hope that you’re able to discover all of the document management for accounts receivable benefits for yourself!

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