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Document Management Functionality Part 2: Automated Expense Reporting

You love submitting your expenses in the form of a spreadsheet, right? You know what I’m talking about – the Excel sheets with formulas that work about 43 percent of the time, your receipts (that you remembered to save) stapled to it and your fingers crossed that it gets routed to the right people and you get the correct reimbursement like, this year. So much fun, right?


Our last blog post in this series discussed Journal Entry, the functionality you didn’t think you needed. Expense reporting as part of your document management solution is the functionality you have been waiting for. MetaViewer Paperless Automation now has a workflow that allows you to submit expense reports for approval, and export them to Microsoft Dynamics GP as a non-PO invoice.

The process is simple and seamless. The requester enters header and line item data, like an invoice. Don’t want to staple paper receipts? We don’t blame you. Similar to creating an invoice in MetaViewer, the user can attach document pages, such as receipts. These can be scans or images. The expense reports go through an automated workflow, giving the requester the ability to view and update expense reports that have not been submitted. Maybe you’re at a work conference and are uploading receipts as you go. No problem! Simply go back into your expense report and continue to update it. You can also view expense reports that were sent back from the approver for edits.

Once the expense report goes through the proper approval process, it can be exported to Microsoft Dynamics GP as a non-PO invoice where it is archived for future search and retrieval.

If you’re already using MetaViewer to route invoices, then this expense reporting workflow will feel very familiar to you. No need to learn a new system or get used to a new process, the review, approval, export and archival workflow stays the same and can be customized to meet your unique business needs. Additionally, automating your expense reporting process is another step toward becoming 100 percent paperless!

One system with so many uses – now that is productivity at its best!

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