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Document Management Functionality Part 3: Require Paperless with Automated Requisition

pexels-photo-47710.jpegWelcome back to another edition of Document Management Functionality. We know that the extra features often make or break your decision to choose a specific paperless automation solution, so we are highlighting some of the key tools that we have recently introduced. This functionality, simply put, makes sense.

It was all designed with the same workflow in mind that MetaViewer, generally, uses to process invoices and other documents. This means that it is familiar and doesn’t take additional training to learn. It is also functionality that you, the end users, have been asking for and that will make your job easier and make those tedious, everyday tasks just a little less painful.

That said, this week we are going to talk about MetaViewer’s Requisition functionality. This workflow allows you to submit requisitions for approval and, ultimately, export them to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Purchase Requisition screen. Just like entering information from an invoice or other document (if you’re doing it manually), the user enters header and line item data. An added bonus: You can also attach other related document pages for reference.

Need to go back and update a requisition? The requester can view requests that have not been submitted for approval, or view reports sent back to them from the approver and make any necessary changes. The workflow, like with MetaViewer in general, follows your unique business rules and routes the requisition to the appropriate approvers prior to exporting it to GP.

What happens when the requisition is exported to the GP Purchase Requisition screen? It’s archived for easy future search and retrieval. Your requisitions are keyword searchable, just like when you run a search in a search engine like Google.

Why is this helpful? The ultimate question. Automatic routing eliminates paper and increases accuracy and efficiency because you don’t have to walk requisition documents around the office or snail-mail them to a corporate headquarters. It also enforces business policies and follows specific protocols that are put into place by your organization. It also reduces the turn-around time for requisition approval and fulfillment so you don’t have to wait for your requisition to make it to the top of the paperwork stack.

Just another way MetaViewer is helping your company go paperless beyond just invoicing! Interested in learning more about Requisition and other expanded MetaViewer functionality? Visit us online and request a personalized demo!

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