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Document Management Functionality: What you didn’t know you needed

If you’ve been following us on this blog, on social, via email or on our website, you may have noticed that we’ve been extra busy touting some awesome, enhanced MetaViewer functionality. Our team of document management experts are a
lways developing new features and making sure that our software is something that end users can benefit from and continue to utilize as technology advances.

For those of you who may not be in the know (or those of you who want to learn more) about this new functionality, you’re about to get a crash-course in MetaViewer’s expanded abilities in this blog series. Each upcoming blog post will highlight a new feature so that you can see how it works with both MetaViewer and your ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics, as well as the benefits of implementing it at your organization.

First up: Journal Entry

MetaViewer has a workflow that gives users the ability to submit Journal Entries electronically for approval and export to GP’s Financial General Transaction Entry screen. One of our favorite aspects: the ability to attach other document pages, such as invoices, as supporting documentation. Users also have the ability to save any changes without routing the Journal Entry to anyone else in the organization, submit the Journal Entry to a specified approver or send the Journal Entry to a Reject queue where it can be reviewed and deleted from the system.

Journal Entry, like all other aspects of MetaViewer, is completely automated. This means that, after a user submits the Journal Entry, it will be automatically routed to the next workflow step for approval, where it will be reviewed and routed for a final approval. The reviewers (and number of reviews and approvals) are predicated on your unique, defined business rules. This means that MetaViewer can follow your protocol, rather than the other way around.

Here’s where your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution comes in again: After final approval, Journal Entries are exported to GP in a Journal Entry batch for further processing. After the export to GP, the Journal Entry will be archived for easy future search and retrieval. This means that not only are your invoices and other documents routed automatically, but your journal entries are, too.

This functionality is vital to the success and accuracy of your accounting department, especially when it merges so seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP. This eliminates the need to reconcile invoices with sticky notes or entries written in pen in the margins. Managing journal entries electronically through your document management solution also means that you never miss a step in the review and approval process. Define your business rules and let the journal entries roll!

Another benefit of Journal Entry comes into play during audit season. When the auditor comes to you, as they always do, and asks for all your journal entries from last year, you now have one spot to get all the notes, supporting documentation and approvals. Your audit will be a breeze.

Paperless document management AND paperless journal entry? Think about the efficiency you could gain from that combo. Stay tuned for the next post about MetaViewer’s new Add a Vendor function!

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