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Doug Bertram, Regional Sales Manager, Named a 2013 “Provider Pro to Know!”

We are excited and proud to announce that Doug Bertram, one of Metafile’s knowledgeable regional sales managers, has been named a recipient of the 2013 “Provider Pro to Know” award by Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

For 20 years, Doug Bertram has earned the trust and respect of his customers and colleagues with his ability to break down this very complex and often intimidating technology into terms that his customers can easily understand. With his in-depth industry knowledge, Doug also is able to look at a company’s existing solutions and work hands-on with IT staff to integrate Metafile’s flagship solution, MetaViewer, into the environment.

According to Doug, the key to success is asking prospects as many questions as possible, and to really listen to what they are telling you in order to understand their challenges: “If you truly want to help a customer, you need to listen before you can offer a solution.” By putting himself in the shoes of his customer, “selling” the solution becomes a very easy process, as he is able to get to the heart of the issue.

We are extremely proud of Doug and his work before, during and well after a sale to ensure that each implementation of MetaViewer is as successful and beneficial to our customers as possible.

Topics: Paperless ERP