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Everyone Makes Mistakes

We hear it all the time—everyone makes mistakes. And if you’re a business, you may be all too familiar with the impending mistakes that come from misreading handwriting, misplacing documents or just missing something altogether in that stack of paper invoices that piles up on your desk.

Your accounts payable department is working overtime to make sure invoices get processed, filed and backed up. And they can forget about vacations during audit time, there is just too much to do and too much paperwork to sift through.

Sound familiar? A paperless workflow solution may be in your future.

There are a plethora of reasons why going paperless in your AP department could benefit you and your company; and keep your beloved accountants from pulling their hair out. A paperless document management solution digitizes all of those paper documents that clutter up your desk and filing cabinet and errors that lead to unnecessary stress and headaches.

With an automated accounts payable ERP solution like MetaViewer, records are stored on a secure network, meticulously organized and are stored in plain text so you don’t have to read somebody’s chicken scratch. This helps eliminate errors caused by misreading poor handwriting. MetaViewer paperless workflow collects and stores invoices electronically. That means no more data entry on your end, and with less manual data entry comes fewer mistakes. Vendor profiles are set up in a matter of seconds, so pitch those manila folders, staplers and paper clips and let your document management solution do all the work. Whether your invoices are coming through your email, scanner, printer or snail mail, MetaViewer will standardize the documents and recognize key information so that your information stays accurate and oops-free.

It may be true that everyone makes mistakes, but it is possible to keep those mistakes to a minimum in the office.

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