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Flashback Friday: Technology Then and Now

Looking back on the past 60 years, a lot has changed in technology and the ways in which we store information. In 1953, IBM developed the hard disk drive that created a new level in the computer data hierarchy. Hard drives measured 8 or 14 inches in diameter and were typically affixed in standalone equipment that encompassed entire rooms and required high-current AC power due to large motors that were required to spin the large disks. During the past five decades, each generation has replaced and defined the methods we use to archive data. Today, hard drives can now hold the capacity of terabits and data can be stored in the cloud.

Cloud-based ERP solutions, for example, have the ability to cut costs, increase productivity and boost revenue, all at the same time. Businesses covered by the cloud are shifting their IT hardware, software and networks from their own server rooms to hosted online data centers, where they subscribe to the IT services they need rather than building and maintaining an IT infrastructure on their own premise.

Since our founding in 1979 to today, we continue to integrate emerging trends in technology with our business offerings. From the development of MetaViewer to our Fast Track Implementation solution with Microsoft Dynamics, we remain committed to our roots to be an established, independent and efficient provider of low-cost, installed and cloud-based paperless document management software applications.

In a recent blog post, Jenni Flinders, vice president of the U.S. Partner Group at Microsoft, outlined the pivotal components that companies should adhere to in order to survive the twists within the technology industry – adapting to four IT megatrends: mobility, enterprise social, big data and cloud computing. By embracing cloud-based solutions, today more than 15,000 financial professionals worldwide are efficiently processing more than 15 million paperless transactions per week with the MetaViewersolution.

As we prepare to begin a new year, yet to be filled with continued advances in technology, we are excited for our customers to grow and write their own success stories. Share with us how you are embracing today’s IT megatrends by leaving a comment below and or share your thoughts with us on Twitter @MetaViewer.

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