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From Paper to Digital: Integrating automation into a paper-based workforce

pexels-photo-450276.jpegIf you're one of the enterprises that has taken the plunge into integrating a document management solution, we want to say kudos! Once you've experienced the benefits of a paperless automation solution, it's hard to look back at your previously paper-based processes and say, "Gosh, I sure do miss that manual data entry!"

However, data shows that many organizations are still managing important information on paper, even if they've integrated a content management system of some kind. When information is coming in through multiple channels (think electronic versus paper), some companies continue to manage the information separately. In fact, according to a study by AIIM, a handful of organizations actually print their electronic information to file with the physical paper copies.


Often, what prevents companies from going fully paperless is the comfort of paper. Oftentimes, paper acts as a security blanket, especially if it's all you've ever known. AIIM makes the point that a company cannot simply adopt new technology and expect the workforce to completely embrace it and replace all of their previous procedures and processes. Incorporating and integrating software also involves transition time, making sure that the people, the processes and the technology can work together. This eliminates confusion, backlash and the temptation for employees to return to old, paper-based procedures.

Technology should support your company's workforce, not complicate it. It should allow your employees to do their jobs better, more accurately and more efficiently and they should be able to see a clear benefit in the transition from manual to automated. Letting go of processes that are familiar and comfortable can be unnerving.

You may be thinking, "Heck, what has paper ever done to me!?" If you find yourself asking this question, we encourage you to take a look at the current hard and soft costs of your paper processing and storage to see where money, efficiency and visibility is being lost. You may find yourself rethinking how valuable paper really is in comparison to an automated solution.

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