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Getting The Most Out of Big Data

It’s no surprise that companies produce copious amounts of data each day. For many, this data is quickly becoming a mountain of information and IT pros are struggling with finding ways to keep up with it all.

This year, we’ve discussed Big Data in length, as we’ve tried to help readers grasp the understanding of the term and how it can impact business outcomes. Now that you understand what Big Data is, the bigger question is: How can companies turn Big Data into a valuable business resource that can be used to better serve customers and contribute to the bottom line?

Recently, eWeek developed a slideshow to help answer those questions and provided the top 10 best ways to leverage Big Data to help you learn more about your customer.

  1. Tap your customers’ networks – These are gold mines of information of which many companies don’t take advantage.
  2. Don’t assume you know your customers’ wants or needs – Embrace your customers for what they do, rather than what you think they’re doing.
  3. Capture everything to avoid blind spots – Blind spots can lead to missing critical information and a skewed overall picture of a customer’s experience.
  4. Focus on quality of your data rather than quantity – After capturing everything, focus on feeding your analytics solution with the data that matters the most.
  5. Be agile – Customer needs and priorities are always changing.
  6. Your business operates in real time – so should your analytics – The ability to gain insights into your customers’ experience and behavior in real time allows you to understand what’s happening as it’s happening and take action.
  7. Analytics should never impose risk on your production systems – Nor should analytics have a negative impact on your customer’s experience.
  8. The data is yours, use every bit of it – Aggregated data can hide critical insights.
  9. Look at the full picture – Leverage the data that resides in different data stores to make sure you are able to “connect the dots.
  10. ”Keep your IT system neutral – IT should never limit your application implementation decisions and should capture customers’ experience and behavior information from any type of device.

If you’d like a more in-depth description of each practice, we encourage you to check out the slide show in its entirety.

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