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Buy-in from the Boss: Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution simplifies business processes, keeps all your important financial documents in one place and is safe and secure. But, as your company has continued to grow you may have discovered that your financial processes could be even more streamlined and efficient with an add-on solution like AP automation/document management software. Unfortunately, convincing yourself and your team may not be enough and you will still need buy-in from management and executives.

Ready to get them on-board and as motivated as you to implement new software? Here are some tips:

  1. Show success: You may want to compile as many customer testimonials, whitepapers and case studies as you can to show executives. Ask document management vendors that you’re looking at for success stories and other documentation they may have put together that match your company size, industry or number of invoices processed per month.
  2. Get the facts: When you’re pitching your idea for document management/AP automation software, you don’t want to be left drawing a blank when your boss asks you questions about it. Explore vendors’ websites, attend webinars, watch demos and talk to representatives. Put together lists that include things like the price, ERP integration capabilities, new version releases, number of customers, implementation options and other information your executives may want to see.
  3. Demonstrate ROI: Reduced paper usage, increased efficiency, faster invoice payment times, eliminated manual data entry, fewer mistakes and late payments, better cash-management, etc. We recommend that you use an ROI calculator to discover what the potential return could be for your business. You can learn more about how to calculate your probable ROI here.
  4. Make a business case: Build a compelling case for document management/AP automation by compiling statistics and showing how a solution will benefit not just your specific department, but the business as a whole. Be sure to also discuss things like compliance and risk reduction, reduced operational costs, hard and soft ROI and a plan for training employees on the new software so as to maximize productivity.
  5. Assemble a diverse team from multiple departments: To show that the benefits of a document management/AP automation solution go beyond the accounts payable department, we recommend that you assemble a supportive team of employees from various departments at your company. They can help advocate for you, discuss added benefits and ROI potential and provide other perspectives.

If you’re excited about the possibility of new document management/AP automation software, then it’s up to you to show your bosses why they should be, too!

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