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Infographic: Keep Your Server Room Safe

In many ways, the company server room functions like a heart to the human body.

Just as the heart pumps blood to vital organs enabling optimal performance, the server room acts as the company lifeline. The technical fortress is composed of multiple “chambers” that protect data and ensure information is shared smoothly.

While we all may be familiar with the benefits of keeping your heart healthy, it is just as important to keep your server room in the same happy state. This is especially important for organizations that run multiple solutions and service a number of users both internally and externally. In many instances, the server room is an afterthought for many departments outside of IT.  However this is a great opportunity for operations, finance and IT leaders to work together as many key stakeholders may be impacted.

Many organizations use a mix of solutions like the MetaViewer Subscription on Premise Solution, in addition to cloud-based offerings, to create greater efficiencies among suppliers, vendors and remote team members. In this case, it is important to consider how external parties will be impacted by an on-premise solution error caused by a server room issue. With anything involving technology, as is it is always better to be proactive in avoiding issues that may cause delays in the overall business process.

I recently ran across a great infographic while reading digital IT magazine, eWeek, which showcases the five ways to keep your server room cool and safe. The infographic highlights the severity of server room errors and shares tips on how they can be avoided. For example,many of the issues included in the infographic are a result of human error and are avoidable.

I encourage you to take a look at the infographic below, and consider if your server room is “heart happy” or if it can use a few updates to avoid outages and downtime.

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