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Keep Counting on MetaViewer: GPUG Summit 2016 Recap

premier-sponsor-gpugWe returned last week from GPUG Summit 2016 in Tampa smiling, exhausted and so pumped up about all the people we met and the direction the GPUG community is heading!

Now that we’ve all had the chance to sleep in our own beds, catch up on Zs and respond to the hundreds of emails that were awaiting us at the office, we’re taking some time to reflect on the awesome week we had at Summit. Here are our takeaways:

  • We saw tons of expo hall traffic and are sure that the other vendors benefitted from it as much as we did. With dedicated expo hall hours and two evening receptions, we had the opportunity to network with other solution providers, partners, current customers and end users. Needless to say, we had some sore feet by the end of the week!
  • The educational sessions were well-attended, informative and extremely relevant. Our team left with expanded knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics infrastructure, and we hope that those who attended our sessions on paperless document management experienced the same thing and are excited about the prospect of going paperless.
  • It’s going to be hard to beat this year’s locale! With our headquarters located in beautiful and chilly Rochester, MN, it was a great reprieve to spend some time in the tropical paradise that is Tampa! And we’re looking forward to more warmth next year in Nashville!
  • The keynote speakers hit it out of the park! Hearing the direction that Microsoft Dynamics is heading and seeing the roadmap has us looking forward to the future of Microsoft Dynamics. Inspirational, informative, engaging and educational!
  • The numbers this year are astounding. More than 2,000 Microsoft Dynamics GP users and partners were in attendance and more than 200 breakout sessions took place. We are expecting an even bigger turnout next year as the Dynamics community continues to grow!

We are done soaking in the sun, but we’re still reveling in the excitement that was GPUG Summit 2016. For all those who attended our sessions and visited us at our booth, we look forward to following up with you and talking paperless document management with you!

See you next year in Nashville!

Topics: AP Automation, Paperless ERP, Document Management, Microsoft Dynamics