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Manual data entry is SO yesterday!

Supreme Oil
 knew they needed a paperless solution for their accounting needs and made the trip to a Microsoft Dynamics Convergence conference in search of the perfect fit. They found it with Metafile’s MetaViewer document management solution.

So what were their major issues with paper? Misfiled and lost paperwork, wasted time trying to retrieve information to process invoices and manual three-way paper matching involving the invoice, PO and packing slip. Oh and of course, they wanted to reduce costs!

Supreme Oil, the manufacturer of Admiration Foods products worked with Metafile to integrate MetaViewer directly into their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system, employing Microsoft eConnect to write transactions back to the ERP platform. A Series of workflows were created, automated scanning with OCR technology was implemented and vendors were set up for electronic approvals.

Deven Shah, Vice President for Information Technology said “Before, we had to go through stacks of paper and struggled to find the right paperwork within the 10 days required to get the discount. Now we can identify the invoices and process them with the urgency needed to capture discounts.”

Next step for Supreme Oil? Integrating MetaViewer into their accounts receivable department.

Are you still wading through stacks of paper, losing money and wasting time? Talk to us! And see how you can be a MetaViewer success story.

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