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Mobility and Accessibility: Rising Trends in Manufacturing

For the past couple years, the world has been reading with some skepticism about how the economy is bouncing back; however, the turnaround has benefited certain industries faster than others. According to a recent article in SearchManufacturingERP, manufacturers are finally seeing the rebound, as multiple markets emerge and younger, more tech savvy executives join the ranks. This positive momentum is setting the stage for increased IT spend for many manufacturers who had to tighten budgets and eliminate spending in recent years.

Among the technology trends outlined in the article are increased adoption of mobile apps, cloud computing, big data and social media. These technologies are providing more insight into internal processes and helping businesses to be more effective than ever.

One particular trend that we found interesting was that enterprise mobility solutions have been steadily rising. As more manufacturing-specific applications emerge and consumer-focused devices like tablets continue to enter the workplace, that trend will only increase, as businesses are seeing mobility as necessary for business growth:

“According to data from a recent Mint Jutras survey of 300 businesses -- more than half of which were manufacturers -- 27% of respondents consider access to ERP data on mobile devices to be a "must-have," while 38% consider it "important." This shows a significant increase from last year's numbers, which were 19% and 28%, respectively.”

Having access to ERP software from any device in any location is something we hear from our customers every day. We know that the cloud has lent itself significantly to that capability, but we’re excited to see the evolution into more enterprise-focused mobile applications for ERP as mobile becomes a priority for manufacturers.

Check out the full article on SearchManufacturingERP (free membership required) to learn about more trends in the coming year. What kinds of technologies are you considering for this year?

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