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Ode to Paper: Earth Week 2016

This week is Earth Week; seven days dedicated to motivating people to inspire change and make the world a better place for future generations.

Businesses process a lot of paper throughout the year. Pay stubs, invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading, receipts, shipping labels, expense reports, tax forms, etc. It all adds up. And if you’ve looked in your storage room recently, packed to the brim with boxes and/or filing cabinets filled with documents, you realize just how much it adds up.

Does it give you the heebie-jeebies when you look at all that paper? Do you feel overcome by guilt realizing how many trees had to die to fill up that storage room (and possibly the four others) that holds 20 years’ worth of documents? Are you ready to take a monstrous shredder to all that paper in one, maniacal moment of destruction?

Hold your horses for a second. We want to help you say goodbye to paper this Earth Week, but we have a secure, streamlined and more professional way to do it:

Document Management.

Here’s how a document management solution, like MetaViewer, integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite or other ERP solution can help your office go paperless:

  • Electronic invoice- and order-capture when invoices are submitted by your vendors electronically. This means that you don’t have to print and scan invoices. Instead, they are captured by an email box and sent to the appropriate person.
  • Automated workflow. No more hand-delivering invoices to the proper approver and risking them getting lost in the shuffle (literally). A document management/AP automation solution with automated workflow routes documents to specified approvers and indexes them in your ERP solution.
  • Elimination of paper forms. A document management solution like MetaViewer allows you to fill out expense reports and other form documents electronically. That means that all of those tedious forms that you have to print, fill out, hand-deliver and file no longer have to make up the clutter on your desk.
  • Document storage. Instead of going shredder-crazy on all of your stored paper documents, a document management system provides you with a great place to electronically store your documents. Scan paper documents and know that they are in a safe, protected place and can be kept and accessed per record retention requirements.

This Earth Week, we encourage you to make a commitment to eliminating paper from your workplace with document management.

Happy Earth Week!


Topics: AP Automation, Paperless ERP, Document Management