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Send your Printer on Vacation: World Paper Free Day 2016

events_wpfd_logoNo matter how much you love your job, you can’t deny the power of a nice break from work. Whether it be a staycation at home complete with junk food, Netflix binge-watching and sleeping in until noon, or an adventure to another state or country, we all need a vacation every once in a while. On Nov. 4, World Paper Free Day, it’s time for you to let your office printers enjoy a relaxing vacation from the hard work they do for you.

World Paper Free Day is put on annually by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). According to their website, “World Paper Free Day isn’t just about switching off the printers, it’s about working smarter, decreasing the paper entry points, and improving your processes.” On Friday, you are invited to join the AIIM Community to learn tips and tricks to go paper-free and make the most out of your business processes.

There are so many ways to reduce or eliminate the paper in your life – both professional and personal. World Paper Free Day is a day to come together as a community and offer products, advice and encouragement to those wanting to find ways to reduce the amount of paper they’re using.

As a provider of paperless document management software, we are huge advocates for the paper-free journey. We’ve had the opportunity to help many companies eliminate paper from their accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources and even legal departments by automating their previously paper-based processes. Electronic invoice and order capture, automated workflow, routing and indexing allows companies to start throwing out the paper that has been piling up in filing cabinets throughout the enterprise. By committing to using a paperless solution, like MetaViewer, a company can take steps toward efficient business processes, a more environmentally friendly office, improved visibility and better information management.

We encourage you to learn more about World Paper Free Day on their website, and to join the virtual event tomorrow for tips and tricks toward a paper-free office. If you’re ready to start going paperless, learn about the benefits of document management and register for a no-cost webinar for a full demonstration of paperless document management integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite ERPs.

Here’s to a paper-free life and a relaxing, long-term vacation for our printers!

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