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Small businesses, this one’s for you!


Are you a small business wanting to go paperless? Are document management solutions just too feature-rich and out of your price range to suit the needs of your smaller organization?

We’ve streamlined MetaViewer just for you so that it’s lighter, more budget-friendly and still expandable as your company grows.

What’s new?

Most document management providers deploy third party products as their Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality, offering it as an expensive, cumbersome add-on feature. OCR is the automated conversion of scanned document images. The system is highly accurate and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Here at Metafile, we have always prided ourselves in our state-of-the-art OCR technology that was specifically developed to be an integral part of our AP automation solution and comes standard with every MetaViewer system. However, we also understand that the fully automated document capture functionality of MetaViewer may not yet be necessary for the small up-and-coming business that is looking for a simpler, more affordable AP automation solution.

Type a little, save a lot

If you are processing less than 500 invoices per month and have the ability to do some modest data entry, our new Invoice Accelerator “OCR-Delete” option is for you. We can now suit the needs and budgets of small businesses by disabling the automated indexing functionality. This option can save you $10K or more on a fully loaded MetaViewer AP automation solution. Your company may be interested in going paperless but wants to start small, and that’s ok! When you’re ready to add all the benefits of MetaViewer’s Invoice Accelerator OCR, it’s easily implemented since it’s designed exclusively for our solution and plugs right in. And, because we don’t outsource our OCR capabilities, you can add it to your MetaViewer solution for a fraction of the cost of other companies that don’t offer OCR as standard functionality.

Think the MetaViewer Document Management OCR-Delete option might be right for you? Contact us at info@metafile.com.

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