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Sun Rich Enjoys the Fruits of Paperless AP

Recently, Metafile had the opportunity to work with Sun Rich Fresh Foods to help them integrate their Paperless Document Management with their ERP system. In the next couple of blog posts, we will showcase how MetaViewer helped Sun Rich save time and increase efficiencies.

The Problem

Sun Rich Fresh Foods, based in the Vancouver area, manufactures ready-to-serve, fresh-cut fruit and distributes it in the United States and Canada from facilities in the US and Canada. The company’s employees supply everything from pails filled with a single type of precision-cut fruit to fresh salad kits --and its customers range from foodservice providers to retailers.

Sun Rich is a forward-thinking organization, one that has increasingly focused on environmental sustainability and lean processes. To achieve these goals, Sun Rich has employed technology, including document management software, as the foundation for paperless accounting processes.

“When I joined the company three years ago, I saw reams and reams of paper consumed in all departments,” recalls Sun Rich Vice President of Finance Stephen Davies. “I asked, why are we killing so many trees?”

The paper largely resulted from the company’s need to process 400 to 500 vendor invoices every week and to manage nearly 200 weekly or monthly receivables from customers. Davies felt that document management and workflow technology could make a big difference in his accounts payable and accounts receivable workflow. “Paperless technology would allow us to do more with less,” he says. “We wouldn’t need to acquire more people to do more work, and current staff could move beyond clerking into more value-added projects because they would have more time.”

The Solution: Integrating Paperless Document Management  with ERP

Davies began searching the Web for the right technology for his organization; and, at the same time, he and his IT director attended a conference on the paperless office. Presenters at the event explained how going paperless changes the world of work.

Davies and his team knew they wanted to move forward with a product that could operate with the company’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform.

“Through our search, reading reviews and more discussions, we narrowed the options,” Davies says. “We put together a 10-person team with members from various departments across the organization, since we intended to go enterprise-wide with our paperless document management solution. We pulled in all the solutions to consider, and reached a unanimous decision.”

Sun Rich began implementing the MetaViewer and the process moved very quickly. “Metafile did all the heavy lifting,” Davies notes, “working directly with the value added reseller (VAR) on NAV. They brought our team in at the points we were needed. It was very seamless, and we didn’t have to stop processing invoices during the implementation.”

Davies began working with MetaViewer by processing accounts payable. “That’s a fantastic place to start,” he observes, “because it’s an easy-to-control hub that reaches to purchasers and approvers and to quality assurance, which has backup documentation requirements, as well as to receivers with backup documentation.”

Davies asserts that this was one of the most successful implementations ever carried out on a large scale within Sun Rich. After seeing its success in transforming AP to paperless processes, Davies next applied MetaViewer to order entry.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post that will showcase the results that Sun Rich experienced through implementation.

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