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System Administrators: Your technology superheroes

They’re the silent heroes that your organization deserves.

They constantly monitor network infrastructure, come to he rescue during email server crashes, make sure the data stored in the elusive cloud is secure and, in my case recently, sync your email to your brand new, scary-smart smartphone.

These unsung heroes are your company’s System Administrators and, in celebration of System Administrator Appreciation Day on July 31, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who keep our ERP solutions up-and-running seamlessly, day in and day out.

As technology advances, the skill set required for System Administrators continues to broaden. Consider all of the training you may have had to go through before using your company’s new ERP solution. Today’s ERP System Administrators not only have to understand how the solution works on the front-end, but also on the back-end in order to seamlessly implement it within a company’s infrastructure.

Some of the skills that ERP System Administrators are encouraged or required to have include:

  • Technical knowledge of multiple ERP systems and their technical infrastructure
  • Which add-on solutions and applications are compatible with an ERP solution
  • Knowledge of disaster recovery planning
  • Constantly expanding knowledge of current ERP system providers and updates
  • The ability to communicate technical knowledge to non-technical employees in other departments
  • Working knowledge of business processes within an enterprise
  • Basic to advanced computer literacy
  • Resolve ERP-related hardware, software and system problems
  • Ability to implement, test and design ERP solutions and add-on applications
  • ERP solution upkeep

You know, just to name a few.

With all that in mind, we hope that you’ll take some time tomorrow to thank your company’s technology gurus for keeping your network secure, making sure your machine is running smoothly, dumbing down IT jargon to a first-grade level, reassuring you when you accidentally closed that document without saving it (while recovering it for you), and for being the go-to when your ERP solution needs an update – all without even blinking an eye.

Thank you and Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

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