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Things you can do instead of manual data entry

ap automation funny.jpgToday is Friday, which means that you've survived another week of work and are likely gearing up for a (hopefully) relaxing weekend. When your week is wrapping up, you may find yourself looking back at your productivity and analyzing your to-do list wondering where you lost time, how many hours you spent on tedious tasks and how you could have gotten even more done. Or you're just thinking about that movie that's been sitting in your Netflix queue since Monday.

Either way, since it's not the weekend quite yet, let's examine the week and consider all the things you could have done instead of manual data entry.

1. Focus on customer service and vendor relations. Electronic document management systems mean that you no longer have to go manually hunting for documents and can spend less time on the phone and more time quickly getting customers and vendors what they need so everyone can move on with their busy lives.

2. Have a chat with co-workers. Rekindle some of your office friendships that were neglected by skipping lunch breaks and avoiding company get-togethers due to burnout and too much manual data entry zone-out. When you're not having to enter mass amounts of data, you can afford to take the occasional break at the water cooler!

3. Create something new and innovative. You can't invent the next best thing when you're busy archaically typing data into a database. When your time is freed up because the data entry process is automated, you can get to work on something more fun and exciting.

4. Take your career to the next level. Automation gives you the time to focus on more pertinent things, like advancing in your field! Manual data entry is no fun, but getting a promotion and pursuing your dreams.

5. Start on that project that's been calling your name. Been meaning to wash your desk? Create a new handbook? Clean out the marketing room? Shred all those old documents? Do some volunteer work? Take the time you save from automating tasks and direct it toward a new project.

What could you do if you didn't have to focus your attention on keying in data?

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