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3 reasons why your company should jump on the digital disruption bandwagon

pexels-photo-367273.jpegLook around you right now. If you're in a public place, count how many people are on some sort of electronic device. If you're reading this from your cell phone, tablet or laptop, well, you prove my point. We are in an era dominated by mobile devices, cloud computing, smart analytics and the Internet of Things and, because of this, digitizing processes and procedures is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Yes, beyond just streaming Netflix from your phone. Society has gone digital, and the rise of digital technology has caused a dramatic shift in how businesses need to understand the benefits of new and emerging technologies in order to meet the changing needs of today’s consumers.

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Data Migration and your new ERP Solution

Are you considering an upgrade to a new ERP solution? One area that can throw a curve into your project is data migration into your new system. This can heavily affect both budget and timeline.

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