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Giving AP a Boost with Cloud-Based ERP and Paperless Automation

While cloud tech has been a game-changer for quite some time, it is continuing to gain momentum with its ability to cut costs, increase productivity, empower remote teams and boost revenue. Along with office tools, personal services and entertainment venues, ERP platforms and add-on solutions have gone to the cloud, as well.

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Digital Abracadabra: Document Management for Digital Transformation

The term “digital transformation” is not a one-size-fits-all term that every company can relate to in the same way. Digital transformation is a larger term that, like magic, gives companies the creative freedom to rethink and adjust their business processes in ways that streamline operations, maximize effectiveness, save money and increase visibility.

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Data Migration and your new ERP Solution

Are you considering an upgrade to a new ERP solution? One area that can throw a curve into your project is data migration into your new system. This can heavily affect both budget and timeline.

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