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If You’re a Member of the C-Suite, Social Media is Your Friend!

With the array of social networks out these days, it can be intimidating for anyone. And let’s not mention the time commitment needed to keep them all updated. But, a recent article on CIO.com entitled, “Why C-Suite Executives Need to Shine on Social Media,” highlights several reasons why being engaged on social media can benefit not only you, but your organization. Below are a few strategies and best practices to help elevate your careers.

Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Social Media – Experts says if you’re hesitant about diving head first into the social media pool, start with LinkedIn, noting that in today’s world a LinkedIn profile is just as important as a traditional resume.

A Direct Line to the Big Dogs – With sites like LinkedIn, you have direct access to top leaders at major organizations.

Performance-Enhanced Social Networking – Networking has always been around, but social networks takes it to a new level.

Must-dos and Don’ts on Social Media – Start by building a compelling and complete profile, then build a relevant network of people who you already know. Next, engage your network with valuable content, remember at least half of your content should NOT be about you.

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